A Robust Payment Platform Supporting Multiple Gateways



Abhinav Kuswaha

Abhinav Kuswaha



IRCTC Payment Aggregator (PA) is a critical system designed to facilitate seamless online transactions for various IRCTC services. It integrates multiple payment gateways, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of digital payments.


• Integration Complexity : Managing the integration of diverse payment gateways while ensuring consistent user experience and security.

• Payment Reliability :Enhancing the reliability and success rate of transactions across different payment platforms.

• Scalability :Ensuring the system can handle high volumes of transactions during peak travel times without disruptions.


• Multiple Payment Gateways :Integrated with major payment gateways like Razorpay, PayTM PG, and ICICI PG, with plans to expand to more gateways.

• Rolling Deposit System (RDS) :Implemented an innovative RDS for reconciliation, where payment gateways deposit money beforehand to maintain a balance, ensuring they are only enabled while their balance is above a specified threshold. This unique feature sets IRCTC PA apart from competitors like Juspay.

Impact and Achievements

• Enhanced Payment Flexibility and Security :Provided IRCTC with a more flexible and secure payment processing environment, improving customer satisfaction.

• Increased Transaction Success Rates :Improved the reliability of payment transactions, reducing failures and enhancing user trust.

• Innovative Financial Management :The RDS feature has revolutionised how payment gateways interact with the platform, offering a novel approach to managing funds and maintaining service continuity.


This was a difficult task as the app design had to be such that it was easily accessible to users with limited digital literacy, and in remote locations without strong network.

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Partnerships Leader, GE Healthcare


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