Simplifying Helicopter Bookings for Pilgrimages Across India



Abhinav Kuswaha

Abhinav Kuswaha



HeliYatra is an initiative by Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) to facilitate helicopter bookings for pilgrimages. This service aims to enhance the accessibility and convenience of sacred journeys for pilgrims.


• Complex Booking Processes :Simplifying the reservation of helicopter services for various pilgrimage routes, which traditionally involved multiple cumbersome steps.

• Safety and Compliance :Ensuring adherence to stringent safety regulations and operational compliances in the aviation sector.

• Scalability :Building a platform capable of handling high traffic volumes during religious festivals and peak pilgrimage seasons.


• User-Friendly Interface :Developed a straightforward and intuitive booking system that accommodates both tech-savvy and non-technical users with multiple language support.

• Real-Time Data Integration :Integrated with aviation and weather forecasting systems to provide real-time updates to travellers and operators.

• Scalable Infrastructure :Utilised cloud-based solutions to ensure the platform’s reliability and performance under heavy load.

Impact and Achievements

• Enhanced Accessibility :Significantly reduced the complexity and time required to book helicopter trips (1 Cr+ traffic in a single day).

• Operational Efficiency :Streamlined operations with automated compliance checks and real-time coordination between pilgrims and service providers (Highest single day revenue of 18 Cr+).

• Customer Satisfaction :Improved user experience reflected in positive feedback and increased repeat bookings (54,000+ seats booked).


This was a difficult task as the app design had to be such that it was easily accessible to users with limited digital literacy, and in remote locations without strong network.

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