Enhancing Healthcare Delivery in Rural India



Abhinav Kuswaha

Abhinav Kuswaha



DigiSwasthya is a non-profit organisation focused on improving healthcare accessibility and quality in rural areas of India. The platform aims to bridge the healthcare gap by leveraging technology to provide medical services to underserved communities.


• Limited Access to Healthcare :Addressing the gap in medical services in remote and underserved areas.

• Integration with Existing Systems :Ensuring seamless integration with existing health records and management systems.

• Scalability and Reliability :Building a robust platform capable of handling high user loads and delivering consistent performance across diverse rural settings.


• Telemedicine Capabilities :Implemented video consultation and remote diagnosis features to connect patients with doctors without the need for travel.

• Data Integration and Management :Developed a centralised system for managing patient records, appointment scheduling, and follow-ups, integrated with government health databases.

• Mobile and Web Access :Designed accessible interfaces for both mobile and desktop platforms, ensuring that patients and healthcare providers can interact effectively regardless of the technology available.

Impact and Achievements

• Improved Healthcare Access :Significantly increased the availability of medical consultations and health monitoring for rural populations.

• Enhanced Patient Outcomes :Enabled timely medical interventions through early diagnosis and continuous monitoring, improving overall health outcomes.

• Community Empowerment :Empowered local healthcare workers by providing them with tools for better patient management and engagement.


This was a difficult task as the app design had to be such that it was easily accessible to users with limited digital literacy, and in remote locations without strong network.

Akanksha Kapoor

Partnerships Leader, GE Healthcare


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